If you own an iPhone, there’s no reason to settle on poorly shot, dark or blurry photos for your #cre property listings. Here are a few basic tips to get the most out of your iPhone camera.

One of the simplest things to begin to use is the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is a way to break down your image into thirds both horizontally and vertically. According to the rule, when you position key elements of the photo along the gridlines, you end up with better compositions. Why is this one of the simplest items to begin with? Because Apple makes it easy. Just go to the Camera settings on your phone and turn on Grid. It overlays a grid on your camera so you can compose your images.

Second, change your perspective. One of the best things about photographing #cre is the abundance of interesting angles, architecture, and opportunities. Shots of the entire property, its rooms, and amenities are a must for any listing. Who doesn’t want to see the entire property they are interested in? However, additional shots should show the character of the property. Don’t just shoot the lobby, elevators, conference rooms, and amenities, go for an interesting angle and highlight the details. And, remember, there is no reason to have a blurry, out-of-focus image, so hold still.

Another great tool from the iPhone can make sure you never take a blurry image again. The camera timer isn’t just for no-hands selfies. You can use it for any shot to keep both hands on the camera when the shutter opens.

A fourth area to consider is staging or preparing your property. Make sure everything is clean…empty those trash cans, clean up any dead flowers or tree limbs, and move those runner rugs and hand sanitizer stations. Are all the blinds either closed or open? It may seem a small thing, but the lack of symmetry can make a great photo only okay. For additional tips on preparing your property, check out my past article, Try These 3 Ps For Your Best #CRE Photos.

Don’t settle for blurry images. Don’t settle for okay images. Don’t blame the photo on the lack of a photography budget. Take a little time. Learn a few skills. And take a photo worthy of the property you are listing.


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