Innovating in the Hotel Space: What’s on Tap for 2018

Innovating in the Hotel Space: What’s on Tap for 2018

Of all of the innovations sweeping through CRE this year, perhaps no sector is expecting to see a bigger wave of change than the hotel space. Like all other sectors of the CRE industry, technology is at the heart of these changes. In hospitality, innovation is geared toward creating futuristic Jetson-style customer service that anticipates guests’ needs and wants.

Big Brand Hotels Debuting Amazing Innovations in 2018

Compared to other sectors, hospitality is leading the way to full adoption. Last year nearly 90% of the biggest names in hospitality were already using some form of AI (artificial intelligence). From booking, to transportation, to room service, these innovations are set to make their biggest mark yet in 2018.

Disney Incorporates Theme Park Technology In-Suite

When you book a room at Disney’s Star Wars Theme Park, your suite will include galactic themed LCD displays in place of windows. You’ll feel like you are in outer space which is aimed at wowing and amazing families on vacation at the park.

Carnival Cruise Provides Personalized Experiences

Carnival Cruise Lines are using technology to improve the onboard experience of its passengers. Wearables are given to passengers as they board which they can use to find out about activities on board, look for excursions, and overall personalize their experience.

Best Western Using Amazon Dot to Ramp up Customer Service

Recent surveys show that the majority of younger adults and around 45% of Americans overall prefer bots to human attendants. That is the thinking behind the growing use of AI as a means to handle customer service requests and provide concierge in hotels.

Best Western is adding Amazon Dot to its hotel rooms so that guests will no longer need to call room service. They can order it directly from the Amazon Dot in their room as well as ask general questions.

Wynn Resorts Adds Amazon Echo to Hi-Tech Rooms

Wynn Resorts is working to create a totally hi-tech room for its guest where all functions are voice controlled. No TV remotes, no need for key cards, or even clocks on the wall. Amazon Echo is available in rooms now but soon, even the Echo may be replaced by a totally voice-activated system.

Hilton Hotels Replace Human Concierge with ‘Conrad’ App

Hilton’s Luxury Conrad Hotels and Resorts have created their own AI app called Conrad. Conrad is the AI version of concierge, able to book a taxi, answer questions, direct patrons to local sites, and help prepare travelers for the airport.

Other Standalone Technology for Hospitality

Hoteliers are seeing more than just a means to provide extraordinary customer service in these innovations. There is an economic factor also. Some estimates predict that close to 30% of the personnel required to staff a hotel could be eliminated because of AI, saving hotels over $20 billion in overhead.

Seizing on this momentum, there are tech innovators looking to provide the systems needed to pull off totally responsive technology. Panasonic is working on a Bot that delivers food and beverages to guests as they wait in airport and hotel lobbies.

Many hotels have already begun replacing front desk personnel with automated kiosks that enable guests to check themselves in. And a new company called SIP-DECT is focused on providing world class business experiences for conference meetings at hotels where wireless tech allows guests to order catering while in-meeting or set up presentations without human intervention.

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