CBC Worldwide Commemorates 115 Years

CBC Worldwide Commemorates 115 Years

There are few brands in real estate that rise to the level that Coldwell Banker does. Not only has the name been etched on the foundation of an industry, it has survived the test of time, enduring market shifts and rising strong from devastating earthquakes as well as. Coldwell Banker Commercial (CBC) is part of the oldest and most respected national real estate names in the country. The company was founded in 1906 after the San Francisco earthquake by Colbert Coldwell, who was joined later by Benjamin Banker.

Being pathfinders has been at CBC’s core since day one when Coldwell simply sought to do right by his clients by bringing honesty and transparency to real estate transactions. One of the first things that emerged from that innovative approach was the creation of a “brokers only” standard. Ultimately, that paved the way for new businesses to be established and set a course to success that would outlast all other brands.

This year CBC commemorates 115 years in business and Coldwell’s name and the Coldwell Banker brand still stands tall and continues to grow. The mission remains steadfast, both serving as a roadmap for brokers to set up businesses across the globe and enable commercial real estate professionals to continue what Coldwell started in 1906. Today, CBC professionals still expertly guide clients in their journey to achieve outstanding outcomes by following the tenets established by company founders.

Those core values start with a passion to Do Right. That is a fundamental theme that drives CBC professionals to be real estate problem solvers who develop creative solutions, offer sound advice and do right by clients because their success fuels the company’s success. CBC brings grit, commitment and an unstoppable energy – all of which reflects a true business Ownership Mentality – and serves to underscore the outlook CBC lives by. CBC brokerage professionals reach goals, close deals and connect with people in communities because the company has found a “Win Together” approach bridges the decades. CBC’s power is in its expertise, service and exceptional industry knowledge. Perhaps at the center of CBC’s values has always been a Big Hearted nature. That means putting our heart and soul into the communities we serve. After all, that is where CBC’s professionals live, work and lend support. CBC leaders become the experts, advocates and community leaders counted on in neighborhoods, and giving back has become key to the success of the company.

Rebuilding a City & Trailblazing a Brand

The tragedy and devastation of the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 created a need for a quality organization that could rebuild the city’s real estate market. That trailblazing company was founded when Colbert Coldwell, Albert Tucker, John Lynch and, later, Benjamin Banker joined forces and formed the organization named Coldwell Banker. First established as a preeminent commercial real estate business and then as a residential real estate company in 1925, the company was based on honesty, integrity and excellent service. Focused on the idea that there was a newer, better way to do business than real estate agencies had used in the past, the new company measured its success by the success of clients, rather than just the number of deals that could be executed. The Coldwell Banker name quickly grew to become one of the most respected names in the real estate industry.

Charting Historic Growth Path

In 1968, the Coldwell Banker brand went public, giving the firm even greater flexibility to meet demand for commercial brokerage services and increase its market presence. Subsequently, the company expanded throughout the United States. The Coldwell Banker brand was acquired by the Sears Financial Network in 1981 and changed hands again in 1996 when HFS Inc./Cendant acquired it. The first international Coldwell Banker office opened in Toronto, Canada in 1996.

In 2006, Cendant’s real estate businesses became Realogy, which Apollo Management purchased for more than $7 billion. Since this acquisition, CBC once again become part of a publicly held company, delivering enormous value to stockholders as well as buyers and sellers. The corporate partnerships that were established allow the company to create relationships that benefit clients. Additionally, other Realogy holdings such as Title Resource Group, Realogy Brokerage Group and others serve as excellent partners for CBC in its quest to deliver value to companies in new and innovative ways.

The Coldwell Banker brand continues to grow today by serving the commercial needs of the business community. The CBC network spans 40 countries with nearly 3,000 brokerage professionals across a network of independent franchises and company owned operations. Coldwell Banker Commercial affiliates cover territory throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. This global presence matched with local power allows CBC professionals to guide clients and achieve outstanding outcomes for customers.

Over the course of CBC’s history much has changed, but its dedication to clients has remained the same. Technology has increasingly emerged as a dynamic presence on the daily landscape, helping CBC’s brokerage professionals remain closely connected to clients and a quest to understand their specific needs. The network of qualified Coldwell Banker Commercial brokerage professionals stands ready to guide clients with experienced advice that’s delivered with a distinctively personal touch. More than a century later, that commitment to honesty and transparency as well as mission to excellence continues to serve as CBC’s guideposts as it provides the utmost attention and exceptional service companies deserve. That’s not surprising, after all, since it is an endeavor anchored on the Coldwell Banker name that has stood strong for 115 years.

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