2024’s Top College Towns for Students & Investors

2024’s Top College Towns for Students & Investors

A positive college experience encompasses a variety of important factors. While education is of the utmost importance, the surrounding town and environment can enhance or detract from a college experience. As we’ve reported in the past, student housing demand remains steady. So, what are the most popular college towns in 2024? RentCafe recently published insights highlighting the best college towns in the U.S. in terms of great education, high quality of life, and affordability. More precisely, the ranking was based on 12 different metrics, including cost of living, tuition fees, graduation rates, and others.

Bozeman, MT sits at the top of RentCafe’s roster of top college towns. The abode of Montana State University offers an affordable and high-quality education, with scholarships or grants readily available for every student. Additionally, tuition fees stand below the national average. Bozeman isn’t just about academics; it’s a haven for culture and history aficionados, boasting the highest density of arts and cultural hubs per capita.

Student life at MSU’s Bozeman campus is desirable thanks to many student clubs, athletic teams, sororities, and fraternities. MSU also offers the Undergraduate Scholars Program, the McNair Scholars Program, and over 40 master’s degree programs. Nestled amidst forests and national parks, Bozeman breathes clean air, earning sixth place for air quality. And with Yellowstone National Park nearby, nature beckons just around the corner.

Pullman, home to Washington State University’s flagship campus, claims the runner-up spot on the list. It’s a youthful enclave, with 42% of its denizens in their twenties. Students can find affordable dining options, cozy cafes, and hangout options. With over 200 programs and a lower-than-average cost of living, Pullman offers a great blend of education and lifestyle.

Pullman also maintains pristine air quality, ranking second nationwide. Nearby parks and forests, like Idler’s Rest, provide perfect escapes from studying.

Clemson, SC, secures the third spot.  Clemson University’s historical campus values tradition and academic excellence. With nearly half its residents in their twenties, Clemson maintains a youthful energy, evident in football games and vibrant cultural events. Surrounded by the Blue Ridge foothills and picturesque lakes like Hartwell and Issaqueena, Clemson offers recreational options for students.

Staying informed about the top college towns of any given year is important for student housing investors. These towns serve as hotbeds of academic achievement and vibrant student life, attracting a constant influx of potential tenants seeking quality living spaces. By understanding the dynamics and allure of these prime locations, investors can strategically position themselves to capitalize on the steady demand for student accommodation. Moreover, being attuned to trends in these college towns enables investors to identify emerging opportunities, anticipate shifts in housing preferences, and make informed decisions to optimize their investments in the ever-evolving student housing market.

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